Hello, Peter.  I hope you can understand the pictures.  Please contact me if there is trouble or if you have questions.  The Replacement white harness differs from the original, black harness (wire quantity and arrangement).

Also, the polarity of the connectors for the lens Filter is opposite from the original.

I am sorry to cause so very much difficulty, but this is just not working.  Can you just replace the defective camera with one like you just sent me? This camera is just beyond repair with the parts I have received and it has been defective since sometime between November of last year or January of this year.  It's been a long, long time.;  I am happy to pay shipping on new replacement camera if it is reasonable cost!

I am more than happy to return all the camera parts (original and replacement) and I will pay tariff fees at time of shipping to the address you have already provided.

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