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Menlo Telecom installs computer networks from wiring to IP Addressing.

Although we generally leave to others the selection of the particular applications your business will be utilizing (with the exception of telecom-related software applications), Menlo Telecom can be relied upon to put in to place the basic network infrastructure needed to communicate between computers, as well as to Servers and the Internet.  This can include setting up point to point “Campus” (building to building) links, utilizing aerial cables (if feasible) or wireless links.

Implementation of any necessary switches, routers, and firewalls can be performed by Menlo Telecom.

Menlo Telecom will remain an active link in any necessary communications between the client and ISP (Internet Service Provider) to establish and maintain the highest level of service possible.  Menlo Telecom will also perform network analyses as necessary when implementing VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or Video (surveillance) over the Network, and suggest and/or make changes/improvements as necessary.


A Partial List of Network Products Available from Menlo Telecom:

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650 368-9000 / 650-321-9000