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Christopher Dahl 1-209-966-4471 Just another test; please confirm receipt. Thanks.
Christopher Dahl 1-209-966-4471 Testing, forever testing for confidence
Christopher Dahl 1-209-966-4471 Testing, forever testing for confidence
Ines Farris for Susan Breyer 1-650-678-9578 Dear Menlo Telecom, you come referred to us from Lewie Knapp. Specifically Keith Almgren. We currently have an over 10 yr old Panasonic system and have intermittent issues with reception. We would like for you to come out to Woodside to review our system and hopefully improve it! Any Tuesday from 9 am - 2 pm would be great. Please let me know. Thank you. Ines Farris
Rimma Rashkovsky 1-650-356-4982 To Whom It May Concern, Guidewire Software is currently in the process of auditing its vendor master file. As part of this audit, we have found that we do not have a W9 for your company in file. Kindly email us a completed W9 form at your earliest convenience. Also, we would like to let you know that to align with Guidewire preferred payment method the electronic funds transfer (ACH) we are asking you to provide us with Menlo Telecom bank account requisites, including the following information: - Bank Name - Bank Account Number - Bank Routing Number. Thank you for your help!
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